British Telecom (BT) have launched BT Property Search (BTPS). BTPS is a new online search designed for developers to identify any potential interference with BT’s UK non-cable network assets (such as buildings and significant infrastructure) from proposed works. The existing Openreach search procedure will remain in place for searches of the cable network. BTPS is also the access point for BT’s new fast track process which aims to facilitate developments which do not adversely impact on BT assets. The fast track process is designed to:

• Provide a single point of contact within BT for developers.

• Co-ordinate relevant stakeholders.

• Manage costs.

• Keep participants informed throughout.

BTPS is designed to avoid the disruption to the BT network which has been caused by developments in the past, and the cost, delay and inconvenience to developers which will result in that event.

Please note that the above does not constitute legal advice.