We are committed to improving our world in any way we can.

Our Culture

The personal service we provide to clients through our close knit, in-house team is what makes Bevan Kidwell different and we apply this same culture of care and attention to our environmental commitment. We acknowledge that now more than ever our decisions matter, if we don’t collectively change our behaviour irreversible damage to our planet is inevitable and this will radically affect our lives and those of future generations.

We value our ability to make meaningful, positive contributions to the world we live in, whether that be socially through our support of the wonderful Make-a-Wish foundation, or environmentally by changing our habits to become as sustainable as possible. That’s why we are adopting an environmental culture that runs throughout our firm and can drive the necessary changes that make us more sustainable.

Due to the nature of our services, wastepaper in the form of revised documents and contracts is a major aspect of our environmental footprint that we are looking to improve upon. Whilst we continue to encourage minimising paper usage wherever possible as well as the reuse of used paper as ‘scrap’, we have a regular collection of anyconfidential paper that cannot be reused, and this is then ‘100% securely recycled’ off-site by an ISO 14001:2015 certified, independent company. This is just one of the many efforts we are making to become more sustainable.

To find out more about the initiatives we are putting in place to help minimise our environmental footprint take a look at our Environmental Policy.