To celebrate the end of the month, Bevan Kidwell has collaborated with DegreeArt to send you all something non-legal and artistic.

This month’s feature is ‘Paper High Street 1’ by Alex Cave.  Alex’s description of the piece: “The focus on this painting was to try and imagine how the central coloured light sources would affect the surrounding folded paper like shapes. I suppose the red and white central lights could loosely be based on car lights or traffic signals, but I deliberately kept the shapes totally abstract in order to focus on the colour and lighting. There are also some grey/brown areas which are meant to represent printed cardboard as this is another idea that I have been using together alongside the folded white paper themes, to add specific areas of contrast and pattern”.

If you have an enquiry about this piece or any other artwork, don’t hesitate to contact Isobel@DegreeArt or call 020 8980 0395.